Let us discuss stages based on latest recruitment drives by Wipro. The three stages in recruitment are :

I. Written Test II. Technical Interview III. HR Interview

Let us discuss the stages in detail :

I. Written Test (Online Test)

Nowadays, the company has started to conduct online test instead of manual written tests unlike past years. However the pattern is almost similar with three sub sections:

a) General Aptitude b) Technical Section and c) Verbal Section

a) General Aptitude

Questions would be from prominent aptitude sections like Time and Work, Speed, Age problems etc.

b) Technical Section

This would contain questions from basic programming concepts involving questions from C, Operating Systems, Computer Networks. While this section would be straightforward for students with Computer Science background, others would have to prepare well.

c) Verbal Section

Verbal section would be simple and could be compared to that of TCS paper where you can expect questions from arranging jumbled sentences, sentence formation, synonyms & antonyms etc.

After the written test, there are instances where candidates would be asked to write an essay on any given topic for about 10 minutes. This essay could be referred back during you interview (especially HR interview).

II. Technical Interview

Technical interview could carry questions from your stream of study. Also you can expect questions from C, OOPS, Operating System concepts and Computer Networks. For example you could be asked to name seven network layers and could be asked to brief their functions.

III. HR Interview

Generally HR interview would be very simple with basic questions like "Tell me about yourself", "What are your strengths and weaknesses etc."

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