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Tech Mahindra 3 Sample Questions

Dear Reader,

Below are three useful aptitude questions that can help you to prepare for Tech Manhindra placement tests. Questions can be considered to be moderately difficult but straight word without puzzle type questions.

Placement Question 1

Consider the following three statements. P is shorter than R, Q is taller than R, S is taller than Q. Based on the above statements, state which of the following is true.

a) S is the tallest of all b) R is taller than S c) None of the above

Answer 1

Option a) S is the tallest of all, is the correct answer. The second option is not true because S is taller than Q who in turn is taller than R.

Placement Question 2

Ravi describes his relationship with Raju as follows. "Raju is the eldest son of his grand father's only daughter in law". So, how Raju is related to Ravi?

a) elder brother b) brother in law c) younger brother

Answer 2

Option a) is the right answer. Ravi's grandfather's only daughter in law has to be Ravi's mother. Hence, the eldest son of Ravi's mother should be his elder brother.

Placement Question 3

Say a C union has two members one requiring 2 bytes of memory and the other requiring 4 bytes of memory? What would be the memory allocated to this data type ?

a) 4 bytes b) 2 bytes c) 6 bytes

Answer 3

Option a) 4 bytes is the right answer. Union memory allocation is based on the member that occupies the maximum data size. Hence the answer would be 4 bytes.

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