TCS is probably the largest IT recruiter in India with over 30,000 freshers being every year. The company conducts massive campus and off campus placements across India at regular intervals. Though the percentage of candidates recruited from campus and off campus are significantly different, the stages in placement are essentially the same.

Three Stages in TCS Freshers Recruitment include :

a) Written Test b) Tech Interview c) HR Interview

a) Written Test :

(This is based on some of the recent ONLINE tests. Pattern and distribution of questions in offline tests could be different)

Written test consists of three major sub divisions namely a) Verbal b) Aptitude and c) Reasoning. Good thing about all these three sub tests is that generally there would be no negative marks. Also the perception is that there is no individual cut off requirement in any of these sections.

Verbal section would normally carry about 30 questions for a duration of around 20 mins. Quantitative aptitude would carry around 35 questions for a duration of about 40 mins and critical reasoning would carry about 10 questions for a duration of 30 minutes.

b) Tech Interview :

Once shortlisted from written test, you would be grilled on technical questions from your course subjects and areas of interest. TCS is known for tough technical questions unlike most other companies and hence it is essential that you stay thoroughly prepared. Elimination from tech interview could be high due to the tough nature of questions.

c) HR Interview :

TCS generally has a separate HR interview with a different panel. They would normally question you on your goals, willingness to work in team etc. Generally there would be least elimination from HR round.

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