HTML 4 Questions On Elements & Other Concepts

Dear Reader, Below are 4 basic and general questions on HTML elements and concepts.

Question 1

What are attributes in HTML? Can HTML tags written without attributes ? Explain with examples.

Answer :

Word Relations Based Odd Man Out Questions

Dear Reader,
Below are easy odd man out questions based on meanings.

Question 1

Find the odd option among : astronomy,science, telescope, astrology

Answer : astrology

'Astronomy' refers to a 'Science' where celestial space and bodies are studies using devices such as 'Telescope'. 'Astrology' is an entirely different concept.

Questions On C/C++ Data Types

Question 1

You would be knowing that boolean datatype stores either true or false value. Can you tell the minimum size required to store a variable of boolean type?

Answer :

At the least, a boolean storage should be capable of storing a '0' representing false and '1' representing true. Hence, just 1 bit of storage is sufficient.

Nouns Based Odd Man Out Questions

Given are 4 questions, each with four nouns. Three of these nouns will be related to each other in some way. You have to pick the odd option in each of the question.

Question 1

Options :
a) Gaur b) blackbuck c) Sambar d) Swallow

Answer : d) Swallow

Reason :

Simple Equation Solving And Logical Problems

Dear Reader,
Below given are three practice questions. First and the third require equation solving while the second one just requires logical thinking in simplifying a given phrase.

Question 1

Fill The Blanks With Appropriate Synonyms

In synonym questions often you could see all the four options appearing to fit the blank perfectly well. From among the options you have to careful enough to choose the best fit.

Question 1

___ of Indian painters and musicians who lived during medieval period is to be wondered about and appreciated.

Network Concepts Interview Questions

Dear Reader, Below are 3 questions based on network concepts. First question is related to speed of networks, while the last two are based on specific terms / technologies.

Question 1

Which of the below factors do not affect speed of internet in a computer in a LAN ?

Linux 3 Tough Odd Man Questions

Dear Reader, Below are three odd man out questions based on linux concepts. Though you may not expect these kinds of questions in placement tests, these questions can certainly help to assess your understanding of the concepts. Having said that these questions may be bit tough especially if you are unfamiliar to linux.

Question 1

Analogy Questions For Practice

Every question will have a pair of words that are related to each other in some way. Then a word would be given for which the best fitting pair has to be found such that this word and its pair are related to each other in the same way.

Question 1

Education : Child Labour :: Employment : ?

a) Poverty b) Union c) labour d) Concern

Linux Generic Sample Interview Questions

Dear Reader, there could be times when you have to face questions related to linux. Not always the candidates enjoy the comfort level as they do with questions on usual Windows based concepts. Hence, every correct answer on questions related to linux can reflect your level of competence.

Below are sample questions related to linux and its distributions.

Question 1