Communications Based Interview Questions

Dear Reader, Below are 4 sample interview questions related to communications in computer networks.

Question 1

When a communication channel is said to be half duplex ? How it is different from full duplex ?

Answer :

Technical Questions Based On AJAX

Dear Reader, Below are three technical questions based on AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) concepts.

Question 1

Can you mention any two important advantages of using AJAX in web applications?

Answer :

a. Ajax saves bandwidth by reducing the amount of data sent back and forth between the client (browser) and the server.

Fill The Blank With Appropriate Words

In verbal reasoning question you can expect the fill in the blank questions. Here you have to fill with the option which suits the sentence well.

Question 1

The government ordered the farmers to leave their lands _____ for 3 months so that lands will recover their fertility.

a)Fallow b) Patched c) Harvested

Answer : a) Fallow

Reason :

C Keywords Based Questions

C programming language has several reserved keywords with varied use/applications. Below are few questions based on C Keywords.

Question 1

In regards to variable declarations within functions, explain 'auto' keyword.

Answer :

C Logical Interview Questions

Dear Reader, Below are interview questions requiring you to apply logical skills rather than programming skills.

Question 1

Assume you have a program which uses two character variables. Now, if you wish to use the power of C string functions on data contained in those two variables what you would do?

Answer :

Simple Odd Man Out Questions

Dear Reader,
Below are given 4 simple odd man type questions for your practice.

Question 1

a) Bora b) Felon c) Maestro d) Levanto

Answer : b) Felon

Reason :

Bora, Maestro, Levanto are names of Winds while Felon is the type of disease.

Question 2

a) Rhythm b) Classical c) funky d) harmonic

Network Topology Based Interview Questions

Dear Reader, In most interviews like those of Wipro,TCS etc, you can expect few basic questions from network topologies. Below are few questions for your practice.

Note: A 'Node' refers to a device in network, usually a computer.

Question 1

Can you name any three commonly used network topologies in LAN and other networks?

Model Problems on Partnership

Dear reader,
Below are 3 problems which deals with ratios between partners' share of capital, profit etc.

Formulas to Remember:

Sample Verbal Analogy Questions

Dear Reader

Each of the two questions will have two blanks. You have to fill the two blanks such that the first two words/phrases are related to each other in a similar manner as that of the next two words/phrases.

Question 1

_____ : Book : : Flowers : ______

Answer : a)Pages, a)Garland

4 Moderate Problems From Weights & Ages

Dear Reader,
Below are given 4 problems from ages and weights.

Question 1