Let us discuss the 2 Stages in Infosys Recruitment Process for freshers. This is a discussion based on some recent recruitment drives. However, there could be instances where some of these stages, pattern etc were modified.

In general, Infosys recruitment has two stages :

I) Written Test
II) Personal Interview

I) Written Test :

Generally the written test includes two major sections

1) Puzzle Solving and 2) English Section

1) Puzzle Solving :

This section generally contains 10 questions and the duration is 60 minutes. Difficulty level and distribution of marks is not constant across questions. Few questions would be very difficult, few would be moderately difficult and others would be relatively easier than the rest. Marks distribution would vary accordingly. Most of the puzzles would be similar to those found in Shakunthala Devi puzzles book.

2) English Section :

This section would carry about 45 questions and the duration would be 30 minutes. English section is on the easier side when compared to the puzzles section. Some common sections would include sentence formations, filling the blanks right words, rearranging jumbled sentences etc. Questions would be very simple and with a good knowledge in English, you should be solve this in a twenty minutes time.

II) Personal Interview :

Generally Infosys conducts tech and HR interviews combined and by the same panel for both.(In some cases they could be held separate as well.) You might be asked to solve a few puzzles in real time during the interview. Other than this you could be grilled on technical questions depending on your stream of study. HR questions would be very simple and generally there would be least elimination from interviews as far as Infosys is concerned.

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