Dear Reader, There has been a real buzz for last couple of years about global giants expanding their operations and offices to smaller second tier cities of India. However, there were only a few who actually stayed according to their commitment. IBM has once again proved its commitment in style by opening its branch at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

What could be the reason for this expansion ?

Coimbatore, already an Industrial city with several booming businesses can benefit by this new office. One can expect more offices in several other small cities as well and this expansion could be thought of as a reflection of the company's wishes to increase the presence in growing markets like India, China etc.

Is This A Good News Only For Youngsters From Coimbatore ?

No, this is a good news for Everyone!. Sure, this news could immediately bring smiles to those residing inside and around Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu. However, this news actually carries a broader perspective about the optimistic steps by the company to get deeper into India and we can expect similar news of the expansions into other cities as well. These steps should logically open the doors for increased hiring of more bright minds. Obviously, any expansion is not going to be just a brick and building expansion, but would generally trigger strength (workforce) expansion as well. We can hope the same with IBM too.

So, In The Context Of This News, What Is The Best Thing For You To Do ?

Whatever may be the significance of the news, there is just one simple thing for you to do. Yes, Stay Prepared & Stay Focused. Start preparing for IBM recruitment tests as you would do for other Indian giants.

How To Stay Informed Of IBM Recruitment Drives ?

You could choose to register on quality portals to stay informed of recruitment drives of top IT companies like those of IBM. Below is one.

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