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3 Tech Mahindra Sample Reasoning Questions

Dear Reader, In Tech Mahindra's placement tests you can expect reasoning questions of the type given below.These questions may appear confusing but with a closer look and observation these are amongst the easiest. By constant practice you can become familiar which will help you to answer these questions well.

Question 1

Pointing to the woman in the picture, Govind said, “ Her mother has only one grand child whose mother is my wife”. How is the woman in the picture related to Govind?

a) Sister b) Wife c) cousin d) data inadequate

Answer : b) Wife

Woman in the picture is told as – Her mother has one only one grand child. Mother of that grand child is Govind’s wife. So woman in the picture is wife of Govind.

Question 2

Anand is the uncle of Bimala, who is the daughter of Cauvery and Cauvery is the daughter in law of Palani. How is Anand related to Palani?

a) Son b) son in law c) Brother d) newphew

Answer : a) Son

Palani’s daughter in law is Cauvery.Cauvery’s daughter is Bimala. Anand is uncle of Bimala. Cauvery and Anand are siblings. Therfore Anand is son of Palani.

Question 3

Pointing to a man, Lakshmi says, “This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law”. How is the Lakshmi’s husband related to the man?

a) son b) son-in-law c) grandson d)nephew

Answer : c) grandson

Man’s son’s sister = Man’s daughter. Man’s daughter is the mother of Lakshmi’s husband.

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